The supreme power of goodness now shoulders enormous burdens. A system of total self serving government domination and power is now over running democracy throughout the world. The facts are incontestable that the spirit of obscurity is growing especially now that we have recently declared an undefined war on terrorism worldwide.

The supreme power of goodness now shoulders enormous burdens. A system of total self serving government domination and power is now over running democracy throughout the world. The facts are incontestable that the spirit of obscurity is growing especially now that we have recently declared an undefined war on terrorism worldwide.

The erection of this war and the new world order are seeded by several special interest groups outside of North America. They use governments to promote, determine, and carry out their deeds by insulting weaker nations with absolute freedom of examination, of criticism, of thought and of conscience. This is the present condition and the future prospect of freedom and democracy around the world. To shrink from seeing the gravity of this would be a fatal error. In defending true freedom and guarding our rights, we need to openly repel and denounce to the whole world the outrages that foreign special interest groups and their puppets continually hamper us with in this new world order that adds difficulty and indignity to all lives.

In this time of open and raging conflict, it would be disgraceful for any one person or nation to stand up and question the motives of those that stand for the new world order of controlled freedom. They use this rouse to keep everyone at bay, and to secretly hide behind their true beliefs and actions in unifying special interest group conformity.

Do you see institutions anywhere focused on the relief of the suffering, for the destitute or the working classes that equal in comparison to the focus on institutes of war and fuel. In many foundations of foreign special interest groups there are clear signs of greed and corruption without accountability as nations are now infested with special interest subversion and disorder which is spreading widely and increasing every day in strength. Only through the voice of truth will we be able to stand up to the fury of these free wheeling deceivers.

The war recently declared on terrorism is becoming more disastrous and destructive each passing day as we shy away from the war we should be waging on foreign special interest groups and their puppets. This distraction of terrorism keeps us in conflict with immense sacrifices. It is not by chance or human impulse that this war on terrorism has been declared. The calculations in cause and effect are measured in special interest group power and control. These enemies and captors of true freedom employ thousands of means to seduce entire nations who are not on their guard. The boldness of these groups, which grows every day, threatens civil societies with total subservience, penetrating every mind with anxiety and fear of the future.

These are not vain illusions, but hopes resting upon the most solid and true foundation. We must disable the special interest groups from continuing without obstacle their hateful work of stripping us bare of our humanity. Let no false consciousness of duty or false love of country draw you into special interest group doctrines. The protection of all humanity is our salvation not a distraction called the war on terrorism. The forces of special interest groups wish us to bath in the blood of our children and be ruled by them. These thoughts even extend beyond worldly concerns, for it is our very souls that are at risk as we move towards a point of no return.

The moment has come for everyone to raise their voice and admit that true freedom and democracy are in danger. It is time for all of us to act against these puppet masters that threaten our very humanity. To face the facts that many of the most gifted people on this earth have been manipulated into extermination by genocide or have been subjugated by wars of aggression; oppression; attrition; liberation; ideology; religion; national interest or race wars based solely on the back room manipulation of foreign special interest groups.


  • 45,000 people die each day from starvation.
  • 33 families control 50% of the world’s wealth.
  • The top 31 richest families live in total secrecy.
  • Only 2 families were ever mentioned on Forbes
  • list.

  • 20 % of all North American securities are owned
  • by non N.A.

  • 155 million people have been killed by modern governments.


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