Treaty Snags by QUADRA on Bandcamp!

Recorded LIVE October 15th, 2022 at San Diego Central Library Neil Morgan Auditorium for Sam Lopez’s Stay Strange San Diego music series. Treaty Snag’s (anagram of Stay Strange) featured QUADRA‘s core members along with a quadrant of percussionists for the nights performance.


Amy Cimini
Jason Hooper
Nick Lesley
Barbara Shea

Below were instructions given out to percussion performers before the show


We will be performing an improvised “space” using bass, drums, percussion and electronic means in quadraphonic sound. The 4 percussionists will be positioned between each set of speakers looking inward. The rest of the ensemble will be in the center of the “quadra”.


We will be playing continuously for about 30 minutes give or take depending on how things feel and/or get close running out of time


Percussionist will start after intro, about 5-10 minutes. 

I will use hand gestures to prepare what will be played

I will play example for everyone to follow along

I will use facial expressions to signal when to follow

Guidelines / Thoughts

  • Follow the pulse not beat
  • Less is more… 
  • Until it is not…
  • Imagine a tide
  • Go straight
  • Be patient
  • Work together like gears
  • Be here now
  • Wandering in density
  • Consider the whole
  • Have fun!

Hand Signals / Gestures / actions

  • Cymbal
  • Drum
  • Everything (either/or drum or cymbal)
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Ready to stop
  • Stop
  • More Density 
  • Less Density

Note: percussionists were not captured in the recording. You’ll have to imagine that part yourselves!

Thanks to Sam Lopez for having us play Stay Strange San Diego 

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