QUADRA Premiere

October 1, 2022, 4:30 p.m & 7:00 p.m.
Free, all-ages
Abpópa Hillcrest 3776 Fourth Ave.
SD, CA 92103

October 1, 2022 is the premiere of “QUADRA” – a quadraphonic-only sound art /music ensemble involving some of San Diego’s most revered underground music veterans. The project is the brainchild of Jason Soares (founder of Points of Action and a member of Physics and Aspects of Physics, among other SD bands) who has been experimenting with modular synthesis and orchestrating immersive sound.

“Most people think of quadraphonic as a failed format from the 70’s (which it was) but there is way more to it than that in a live context. Instead of a piece for two violins, for example, I like to think about a space for two oscillators. When you understand the amount of space that can be created with stereo but compare that to 6 sets of stereo in quadraphonic sound, the result is mind-bending.”

The “QUADRA” is a space created by a speaker in each corner of a square configuration where the performers and listeners will co-exist. The event will be held in two phases:

  • Phase One will be a sound art installation at the top floor of the event space, where the public will be able to come and experience audio phenomena.
  • Phase Two will be a live quadraphonic performance in the venue’s courtyard, where all instruments are fed through the 6500-watt modular system, spatializing the sound and creating an immersive sound field space.

For the performance, Soares teams up with drummer Arturo Ulloa (also of Aspects of Physics), EarthlessMike Egington on bass guitar, and the unmatched SD legend Rob Crow (of Pinback and way too many music projects to name) on guitar. Co-collaborator Matt Lorenz will bring his unique perspective to the event, along with other surprise guests appearing in-person and virtually.

“This sound lives in the place that people the likes of minimalist La Monte Young and synth pioneer Don Buchla traveled in, but with a utilitarian social edge.” Says Soares, adding: “we hope to nudge listeners – especially coming out of a rough pandemic period – to more deeply engage and participate in music and art, and of course keep creating.”

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