poa:quadra is a sound art / live sound project by Jason Soares, Arturo Ulloa and Matt Lorenz from fellow poa suspects aspects of physics with Mike Egington from Earthless. Along with a cast of collaborators adding to the antics, poa:quadra can take the form of sound art installation, live band and many other shapes/configurations to adapt to situations.

participants (including sound makers/artists) are located within a square created by the boundaries of the quadraphonic sound field. Sounds are produced from modular synthesis, acoustic drums and other instruments integrated.

Quadraphonic is one of many in a long line of surround sound formats amongst others like 5.1, 7.1, dolby atmosphere, binaural, etc… these recorded formats are designed to give the listener an immersive experience.

unlike these audio formats, the inherent nature of live sound bypasses what these do… phase cancellation… standing waves… frequency reflections…. all are welcome phenomena. luckily of which, most do not carry well in distributed digital formats!


victim of collision on an open sea…

– devo

In the age of electricity and as more and more happen(s), sometimes an Architectural Design Requirement can guide an artist to inspire in an updated dogme ’22 sort of way. D(evolution) said it best… “victim of collision on an open sea”, but in an alternate/diametrically opposed mirror <=> mirror world, rules of engagement and restrictions can direct a subject to new place (undescribed != previously || unlocation)

vow of chastity : havocs of witty
  • artists SHOULD stand during the creation and practice of sound*
    +muscles +music +gravity +interaction !important
  • artists MUST stand during the performance of sound
  • artists SHOULD creation and practice at same volume used for performance

(*drummers exempt) (breaks ok)(it should be noted hopefully obviously disability would be exempt too)