What is TheExperiment Network?

TheExperiment Network believes that we must constantly be asking ourselves new questions about ourselves and our realities such as who we are, what we do and why we do. While the answers may vary, it is this process of questioning that shapes new ideas and sharpens our view of existing states. We want to push boundaries of where ideas, world views and our consciousness lie.

Primary Experiments Goals
While the content favors a progressive activist ideology, the focus of this experiment is the examination of the transfer, presentation and the context of news. Increase and growth in both content and relational structure.
A multi-faceted program that is comprised of a novel communication theory, an interstitial meta-language, and an experimental methodology whereby meaning is rendered through a context of energetic dynamics and informational relationships. Such practical applications include a remapping of the International Phonetic Alphabet based on energy flow. To explore human consciousness, language systems, epistemology, evolution of living systems, and processes of self-reflection.
A community based media resource (available to the public free of charge or subscription), interested in promoting open formats, ideas and the building of new networks for communal cultural exchange. To continue to allow participating artists an opportunity to make their work openly available for download and distribution despite a continued push towards market encryption and watermark standards.
An attempt to “recalibrate” and effect change within and upon dynamic systems through the revision and introduction of new tools. Building comprehensive, interactive, web based tool to be used for the dynamic mapping and modeling of information flow. Specifically dealing with cultural media and its various levels of filtration.
An interface for the introduction and communication of the ideas and philosophies behind TheExperiment Network. This manifests itself in multiple forms including live music settings, streaming web performances and the manufacturing and distribution of physical goods. A developed integration of the relationship between Aspects of Physics and TheExperiment Network.