Napsters file filter up for a fight

The recently implimented Napster file name filtering system has already started the covert operations

Why would I need the Aimster Pig Encoder?
As of Sunday March 4, 2001, at midnight, Napster began monitoring the file names that its users put into the Napster database, for the purpose of blocking certain file names. This is a serious invasion of your privacy as a Napster user. The file names on your hard drive are your personal property and should not be monitored by anyone without your permission. The Aimster Pig Encoder makes it more difficult for anyone to monitor the file names on your computer.

What does the Aimster Pig Encoder do?
The Aimster Pig Encoder is very simple but effective. It takes each of the file names of the mp3 files in your Napster directory and encodes the file names so that the name cannot be easily monitored.

What does it mean to “Encode” the file names?
The Aimster Pig Encoder encodes the file names by simply changing the words in the file name very slightly. For example, “Music” becomes “usicM”, “Hello” becomes “elloH”, and you can guess what becomes “uckF ouY, ouY pyS astardsB”.

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Author: Jason Soares

News Service: TheExperiment Network


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