My original intention for mainlogoboxtop02was inspired by Denver Lucas in the early 90’s. He played in a band called Powerdresser and also founded the band Physics that I played in. Denver’s idea was to start a record label where all the records were free, an idea that on first thought was obsurd but noble. This is way before the internet was a house hold name and before the mp3 file type had been invented. A few vumeter3years later after Denver had passed away and me wanting people to be able to hear Powerdresser, I started messing around with the mp3 format. I thought that is would be cool to start a website to post the unreleased Powerdresser record and other music by my friends bands. I registered the mp3it domain and put up a site on my friends server. Pretty soon his connection was getting slammed by the amount of traffic he was receiving. Napster wasn’t around yet and peer 2 peer apps had yet to happen. Pretty soon free digital music started to pop up all over the place and a version of Denvers vision happened. Of course RIAA and other old media types were trying to make sense of a non mega-mall type distribution. As the years passed my interest lessened as more and more sites started offering mp3 downloads. Now after years of neglect I decided to make all the music on mp3it available via bittorrent. If you don’t know what that is check out at

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Jason Soares
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