More than 500 Confront Minutemen Racists in Maywood

On Aug. 26, over 500 Maywood, CA residents held positions against the Minutemen, shouting, “Aquí estamos y no nos vamos” and hoisting a Mexican flag over the post office while jeering the police—97 percent Latino Maywood was recently declared a sanctuary for undocumented workers by its city council.


On Saturday, Aug. 26, more than 500 people came out in Maywood—a small, mostly immigrant city in greater Los Angeles—to protest the racist, anti-immigrant “Minuteman Project” and “Save our State.” Hundreds of Latino workers and families from the community, along with progressive organizations and supporters, participated in the energetic action. The ANSWER Coalition helped to organize the demonstration along with other pro-immigrant groups.

From 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, in the scorching heat, the people held their positions against the Minutemen. Shouting, “Aquí estamos y no nos vamos,” and “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido,” the people of Maywood scored another victory in the ongoing struggle for immigrant rights and against racism.

Maywood’s population of 30,000 is 97 percent Latino. Earlier this year, its city council declared the city a sanctuary for undocumented workers. The Minutemen’s anti-immigrant protest in Maywood was a provocation aimed at the city, its residents and all immigrants and their supporters.

The ANSWER Coalition lead chants and a march through Maywood’s streets to get closer to the racists. As the police protected the Minutemen, people in houses lining the streets came out to support the anti-racists protesters. All joined together to shout, “Who’s streets? Our streets!” The march clarified for those present who the police are really there to protect.

The protesters then returned to the barricades to face off against the Minutemen and led chants until the bigots had no choice but to crawl away in defeat.

Before the rally ended, protesters hoisted a Mexican flag over the nearby Maywood post office. A phalanx of cops ran over to take down the flag, but failed to remove it after nearly 20 minutes of trying. The anti-racist protesters jeered the police and cheered the small victory.

At the end of the rally, ANSWER organizers agitated in Spanish and English to get involved with the movement and help continue the struggle. Locals and activists flocked by the ANSWER sound cart to sign a people’s petition demanding immigrant rights.

As activists returned to their cars, they saw numerous ANSWER signs placed in the front yards of many nearby Maywood homes and young men and women leaving the demonstration with anti-racist placards proudly in hand.

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