Israeli Forces Raid International Solidarity Movement Office: Please protest

On Friday, May 9, approximately 20 Israeli Defense Force vehicles surrounded the International Solidarity Movement media office in Beit Sahour, Palestine. Dozens of soldiers raided the ISM office, snatching three women and confiscating all computers. Your help is needed: Please contact your governmental representative and the Israeli embassy in your country.


Israeli forces raided the International Solidarity Movement (ISM: office this morning, confiscating equipment and material and snatching three women.

At 12:30pm on Friday, May 9, approximately 20 military vehicles, army jeeps and a large armored personnel carrier surrounded the ISM media office in Beit Sahour. Dozens of soldiers, border police and civilian police officers raided the ISM office, confiscating all computers, not only in the ISM office but in the nearby office of the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement.

Files, CD, and photos were all pillaged, while soldiers broke equipment and damaged office space. Israeli forces kidnapped Palestinian volunteer, Fida, American volunteer, Flo, and a worker with Human Rights Watch visiting the office.

At the time of this writing, Fida has been released, and the internationals seem to have been moved to the office of the Israeli Ministry of Interior, most probably for deportation.

The Israeli government has declared an open war on international peace and human rights workers. Israeli forces are doing everything in their power to specifically prevent the nonviolent resistance to their military rule.

The stepped-up harassment of internationals and journalists in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is nothing short of a further attempt to shield from the international community the brutality of daily Israeli military actions against the Palestinian people.

The ISM, however, has no plans to leave the Palestinian areas nor to reduce our actions or our efforts.

Your Help Is Needed

Please protest:

Everyone: Contact the Israeli embassy in your country:

In the US: Contact your congressperson, the State Department and the White House using this link:

Also call the State Department and demand action: 202-647-5150

For UK: Please call THE FOREIGN OFFICE 020 7008 1500, Also Contact your MP and Prime Minister

For Israel: Contact Israeli Minister of Interior, Tel: +972-2-629- 4701; Fax: +972-2-629-4750
Israeli Foreign Minister, Silvan Shalom Fax: +972-2-5303704 e-mail:
Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz Fax: +972-3-6916940, 6976990 e-mail:
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fax: (+972-2) 566-4838 or 651-3955 or 651-2631

For Canada: Minister of Foreign Affairs Bill Graham, House of Commons, Ottawa ON K1A 0A6; Fax 613-996-3443

See for more ways to help or get involved.

For more information, please call: +972-2-277-4602

Author: International Solidarity Movement

News Service: ISM


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