Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women’s ‘Butch Wing’

For over a year a prison in Virginia segregated women they perceived as masculine or butch (those with short hair or ‘baggy clothes’), in order to separate them from their ‘girlfriends’. The Associated Press and civil rights advocates questioned the practice, with the warden stating that no such move was made, as that would be unconstitutional.


Trina O’Neal, left, and Casey Lynn Toney were two of the inmates placed in the so-called “Butch Wing” at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women in Troy, Va. “I have been gay all my life and never have I once felt as degraded, humiliated or questioned my own sexuality, the way I look, etc., until all of this happened,” stated O’Neal, 33. “Women sent to wing 5D — also called the “little boys wing,” “locker room wing,” and “studs wing” — told the AP they were verbally harassed by staff there, and taken to the cafeteria first or last to keep them separated from other inmates. Three guards confirmed the charges.”

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  1. Hi , My name is Deanna Bray aka TINY … I was a former roomate of TRINA O’NEAL for a short period of time between the time of 07 & 08 . We were’nt roommates for long . Bt for the short period of time that i’ve knwn her , she was very kind , & sensitive to her story that she’d mentioned to me before but i hven’t descovered UNTIL NOW …. I TOO , think that they segragate the Butch , & Stud inmates in buliding 5 from experience … I too was also placed in SEGREGATION more than once . But they really couldn’t lable my sexuality so placed me from building to building .. Anyway , my prayers go out to Trina & the O’Neal family . Please follow me on Face book @ Tiny22_yahoo.com . Thank You & my prayers go out 2 u all . GOD BLESS .

  2. deanna,
    thanks for giving us your thoughts. please take good care.

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