Crow Vending Machine

Many of you have already been subjected to one of my favorite videos of the crow that makes a hook–and gets food out of a tube using it. Now, two cryptic message posts-one from Treehugger and one from BoingBoing (Blogging live from TED) gies me hope of another awesome example of how crows are perhaps the smartest, or at least trickiest animals on earth..

From Boing Boing

“Technology hacker Joshua Klein built a vending machine that teaches crows to deposit coins they find into a special vending machine that dispenses peanuts. He has been studying crows for over ten years and has learned that they are very intelligent. Their brain/body weight ratios are similar to chimpanzees. He’s showing a video of how a crow learned to use a tool to pull an object out of of a tube. It’s impressive.

Crows are smart and adaptable. For example, they drop nuts on streets so cars run over them, then wait for the traffic signal to change so they can pick up the food. Other crows who see this happen quickly learn how to do this for themselves.

His machine uses Skinnerian training. He put coins and peanuts around the machine. The crows eat the peanut on the feeder tray. Then Joshua took away the nuts and left coins in the feeder tray. It pisses off the crows. They sweep the coins around with their beaks, looking for food. When a coin accidentally drops into the slot, it dispenses a peanut. Next, Joshua took away the coins. The crows learned to find coins elsewhere and deposit them. So now he wants to train crows for search and rescue, picking up trash, and other mutually beneficial tasks.”

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