RNC – Adding Injury to Insult

Day three of the RNC and what has gone on during the convention is neither surprising or unusual, but intensely disappointing none-the-less. Perhaps saddest of all is the case of the St. Paul 8, a group of people who have been “arrested and charged with second-degree furtherance of terrorism, conspiracy to riot, conspiracy to commit civil disorder and conspiracy to damage property.” Those arrested include members of the RNC Welcoming Committee and are being held on$75,000 bail each. “If convicted, each faces up to five years in jail, a $10,000 fine, or both.” Items gathered in the search at the time of their detainment include gas masks, protective padding, homemade shields, locks and slingshots–sounds to me like they were trying to protect themselves.
You can read their press release here

You can donate to help here

For more info go here, here, here, and here 


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