TWOFOLD_ ~ Lawrence Chit & Kim Garcia ~ Opening Reception

Announcement Date: September 13, 2014

TWOFOLD_ is a collaborative exhibition by San Diego New Media Artists Lawrence Chit and Kim Garcia at disclosed unLocation Gallery. Using a hybrid of open-source technology combined with traditional art practices, Chit and Garcia manifest the various relationships between users and devices through a series of prints, sculptures, and installations. The works exhibited look into the digital’s role in preservation and replication, asking viewers to reflect on their own uses of technology. This exhibit is the first series of explorations involving the artists’ interpretation of this unresolved union.

The artists encroach upon digital and physical realms as parallel dimensions existing within the user-device relationship. Current digital technologies have introduced efficiency in various tasks ranging from communication to image production leading to a more seamless dependency on software-hardware interfaces. With the introduction of 3D printing we are able to now produce everyday physical objects from digital renderings once limited to the screen; the membrane between the physical and digital has dissipated.The artists employ a series of investigations involving translations that occur from mechanical and digital reproduction, putting one object through both processes. Through the juxtaposition of these two methods, the artists are able to further gain insight into our current state.

Please join us for the first installment of Lawrence Chit and Kim Garcia’s collaborative project. The opening reception for TWOFOLD_ will be on Saturday, September 13th, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm at disclosed unLocation and following shortly will be the artists’ second installment, Our Current State, on Monday, October 20th, 2014 from 5pm to 9pm at UC San Diego’s Adam D. Kamil Gallery.