"Trans Parent Skis & Other Composites" by Pea Hix ~ Opening Reception

Announcement Date: October 5, 2013

“I buy lots and lots of old 35mm slides from garage sales, always on the lookout for interesting imagery. Awhile ago I happened upon the idea of stacking two unrelated slides on top of each other to achieve interesting composite images. Generally this requires that the two images have complimentary white or overexposed areas. The rule is that the two slides must stack perfectly on top of each other with no offsetting or digital post-editing allowed. Usually the basic composition of the original images end up dictating which ones work well together, rather than my own editorial eye for juxtaposing content, so often it’s simply a matter of trying out combinations until I find something that works. Then I simply tape the slides together.”

In addition to my own discoveries, there will be lightbox and a supply of single slides onhand for everyone to have a go at it.

Follow this ongoing project at http://peahix.tumblr.com/

Experiment in progress!! Come check it out!!!