"Suspicious Hackage" ~ Fmath Lorenz

Announcement Date: March 24, 2012


As an artist working in the field of repurposed electronic devices, I usually work with second-hand or found objects. An old suitcase gets filled with the chopped innards of a boom box and becomes a cold war karaoke machine. A World Atlas with a walkie talkie hidden in it’s hollowed out pages becomes an oversized talking text. While transporting these hand-held devices from place to place, I am often asked to explain my creations to concerned authorities or curious passersby. As one might imagine, reactions range from amusement to alarm. This installation features an array of custom-made gadgets (known as “snuitcases”) and the stories of how they have traveled far and wide to get to where they are now.

fmath lorenz is an educator, veteran, and technologist.

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