"Splitting Seconds" an installation by Stephen Downs ~ Opening Reception

Announcement Date: July 16, 2011

Splitting Seconds -Stephen Downs

Brief [Literal] Description:
Kinetic laser [site-specific] installation with light dynamically mapped to all surfaces of the gallery.

Artist Statement:
Splitting Seconds is an illustration of time fissioned as successive punctual events, occurrences that deviate from their expected trajectory and trigger reactions, are perceived as important or inconsequential, and remain as afterglow in memory. The common thread of time fluidly binds these events together, doled out in ticks but mapped onto experience as passing at varying speeds. Splitting seconds into newly discovered semantic particles we can find the missing time to share new experiences, even if we can’t grasp their meaning as they pass.


As with many installations this one must be actually seen/experienced to be fully appreciated/understood.
come check it out!! drink/think/wink/blink..!!!