"Splendid Misconceptions & Exactitude Mishaps" ~ Coloring Book Show ~ Opening Reception

Announcement Date: March 26, 2011

32 local artists create & then color each others work!

For our second outing we asked 32 San Diego based artists, to ‘illustrate’ &/or respond to a single given phrase (from a text written by Jfre Coad especially for the project) & then had them ‘color’ each others images; which were hand selected from a random sampling in most cases.

~Live coloring wall with markers and crayons for adventurous attendees!
~Wine & snacks by Jennifer Mckay.
~Soundscape selected by Pea Hicks.

Artists: (in order of appearance)

Jason Sherry
Cristina Trecha
Alexander Jarman
Frank Melendez
Heather Brosche
Andrea Giaier
Annie Perkins
Joshua Krause
Kate MacWilliamson
Theresa Altman
Andre Power
Farrel Lynn
Michael McCardle
Derek Adams
Sam Luke
Gary Coad
Kenseth Thibideau
Michael Ruiz
Shelby Gubba
Matthew Bradley
Wendell Kling
Ash Eliza Smith
Stephanie Lie
Brianna Rigg
Joe Yorty
Renee Utt
Shayna  Why
John Brady
Andy Ward
Josh Aaron
Judith Pedroza
Jfre Robot Coad