Portraits ~ works by Robert Andrade ~ Opening Reception

Announcement Date: February 21, 2015

Andrade’s aim is to investigate methods of  power in our constructed environment by considering issues relating to the fabricated landscape such as architecture and urban planning along with the many forms these disciplines take. Andrade is very much interested in questioning how space is produced. How it changes and shifts and more importantly how it changes us.

It has often been said that a portrait is not only capturing ones physical attributes, but their essence as well. In this exhibition entitled Portraits Andrade is considering the city and all that it is made up of.  Mimicking materials and forms, there are elements from each work that will call attention to the familiar and unfamiliar alike. The work, similar to the city, has a clash of elegance with  undertones of violence. It is not only about the violence in relation to the corporeal but also how it exists as an emanating symbol.

Robert Andrade is an interdisciplinary artist and has exhibited throughout the United states including Chicago, New York City, Southern California and Dallas, TX. He is Scheduled for a residency at Centraltrak in Dallas and a solo exhibition Fall 2016 at Providence College.