Orange Blosomm Special by: Ibn al-Presto!

Announcement Date: May 31, 2014

In Orange Blosomm Special, al-Presto will transform the gallery into a fantasy environment, what he calls a “100 sq. ft. Eden of organic material and plastic”, where participants are encouraged to lounge and socialize in a hybrid of the traditional Arabic majli (parlor) and the local foodie gastropub.

Menu for the event includes:
-Local flower and herb suffused beer
-Synthetic / Organic combo salad
-Velveeta chocolate chorizo (entire pig)

Ibn al-Presto’s work reconciles/juxtaposes/yada-yada/etc. disparate elements in a fun, but also practical way. al-Presto’s art arises out of his background in the hospitality/service industry. His mother ran a hostel out of their family’s house in Fès since he was a child, which they’ve continuously transformed over the years to meet tourists’ changing expectations and fantasies—doing so creatively while using very limited available resources. As his entire artist statement, he has borrowed one line from his late mother—which she in turn picked up from a tourist staying at their hostel:
You can’t polish a turd, but you can pour glitter all over it.


Saturday 31 May, 2014 @ Disclosed unLocation Gallery
Pricing: Pay-as-you-like
Hours: Noon to 9PM
Please RSVP at: