"Nostalgia Blue" by Brian Meanswell ~ Reception

Announcement Date: April 26, 2014

Photos by Jaryl Cabuco ©Nostalgia Blue is the next installment of Amorous Abyss, a series of Brian’s works which reflect upon the portrayal of body language and the symbolic connections with flowers. Brian is mindful that as soon as we are in contact with others, we are already communicating. The body language of the positioned individual and the flowers he configures are both used to directly express the quality of communication which convey emotions unspoken. In this exhibition, the negative space has now become black rather than white with blue flowers pervading the works throughout this installment. The usage of color representing the emotional impact of communication further intensifies the light source as having symbolic significance within the context of the obscured imagery.

Flowers are used historically, adorning almost everything — from someone’s hair, to clothing, jewelry, home décor, and even fine china, to name a few. He reflects upon a flower’s aesthetic value and concludes that they serve to convey messages of emotion varied by the arrangement, size, and the way in which these flowers are displayed. Brian draws parallels between the anatomy of a flower and the human body, integrating these two entities and thus creating his interpretations of the nature of beauty, seduction, love, and death as symbolized by the flower’s physical characteristics. The flowers within these works emote their purpose, ‘saying’ what was not dared to be verbally said.

With his signature of positioning a flower to cover the eyes of the woman, Brian bridges the connection of a flower’s unspoken emotional cue with a woman’s body whose unspoken expression and eclipsed facial features can only reveal so much. The flower positioned directly in front of the woman’s face lends one to heighten an internal dialogue with memories of the past and/or concern for the future. The works in Nostalgia Blue, much like in Amorous Abyss, express the many facets of Brian’s emotional state of mind where drawing from his past, existing in the present, and anticipating for the future continue to drive this series to evolve visually, conceptually, and personally.

“We have all felt let down by other people at some point in our lives. Nostalgia Blue dives into the feelings of that moment. Feelings such as hurt, disappointment, pessimism, and lack of interest are few of the emotions that are channeled through the body language and color relationships in these paintings. As human beings we have a strong need to feel secure. But after moments of rejection, failed relationships, or just a situation that didn’t go our way, our sense of security is threatened, we may feel abandoned, scared, or hopeless. Moreover, these are normal reactions that we all go through and I try to express it through this installment.”