MICHAEL TRIGILIO ~ Interactive Audio Environment & Artists Reception

Announcement Date: December 3, 2011

Incense burners, printing-presses, E-readers, and swords are but a few examples of technologies employed by various religions on Earth. Questions we ask ourselves at SRE Laboratories: What kind of fuzz-pedal would the Pope use to explain Medieval apologia? What synthesizer will bring Satori during Zazen? How can we understand desire and sin with nothing but a square-wave and a frequency modulation? And so on. . .
Rather than merely being works of fiction, mythology, or psychological abuse,these devices actually do something! Imagine!

Plug them in, turn the dials, tweak the signals, face the slim possibility of religion without fear!You’ll never need to go to a church/temple/mosque/retreat-center/tabernacle again. Ever.

SRE was started in 2009 by media artist Michael Trigilio (starvelab, UCSD, Neighborhood Public Radio) based on ideas in his film, Bodhisattva, Superstar. Since then he has worked in collaboration on the project with instrument designer and musician Dave Rice (L-Seven, Sandy Duncan’s Eye) and fellow Neighborhood Public Radio collaborator and programmer Lee Montgomery.

Sat Dec 3rd 6pm-10pm