"just a little bit longer | part 2" ~ Opening Reception

Announcement Date: July 26, 2014

the first part of ‘just a little bit longer’ was an endeavor that took place 3 months ago. Five women chose a single personal belonging that struck an emotional chord with them and recreated it in multiples. These objects were then displayed and sold at the Spring Valley Swap Meet in April.

It was an entirely unique experience in the sense that I’m unable to compare it to anything else. It was a hot day, there were droves of people, we bought some plants and ate some cookies.

We’re showing what we made again but in a new context – the gallery space. ‘just a little bit longer’ part 2 uses a new platform to further explore the role of objects, value, and attachment.

Dogs and babies welcome (duh). drinks and panchita’s watermelon cookies will be served (double duh).


angella d’avignon
farrah emami
jessica sledge
mindy solis
chantal wnuk
& special guest missy solis