"A Bit Homunculus" ~ by Omar Lopez

Announcement Date: July 9, 2013

Join us from 6pm to 10pm during the Southpark Walkabout to find out, about and participate in, the process of Stand Up and Die — a film to be shot in Super 8mm this October at A Ship In The Woods, by Omar Lopex.

On view will be storyboards, studies, reference fotos, notes & scrawls relating to the film.

Come take part in open auditions for roles in the film, and/or have your Polaroid ‘Thoughtagraph’ portrait made.

“This show will be an experiment, as the opposite to my normal approach to creating work. A sort of “masochism-light”. I feel uncomfortable sharing my projects at this beginning level of process, of opening up my raw scrawls and revealing ignorances and mistakes I’m poised to make at this stage of development, but I am interested in what will come out of exposing myself at this early point.”
-Omar Lopex