Continental breakfast (Ocean Grand Foyer)

VCPI Registration Table Open

4hr workshop and Closing Session – Cape Charles/Cape Hatteras

Ethics: The Talk Worth Walking

Mark Matthews, Ph.D.

Law enforcement officers are granted significant discretionary authority over how they choose to perform the duties of their office. How officers use this discretionary authority will significantly affect the welfare of their fellow officers, their agency, the citizens and the community they serve, and officers themselves. Officers typically use their discretionary authority with little direct supervision. What all of the means is that if ethics is about what you do when no one is watching, then clearly law enforcement officers have ample opportunities to have their ethics on the job constantly challenge. Dr. Matthews’ talk will explore the immense difficulties law enforcement officers face in using their discretionary authority ethically and he will demonstrate not only the inescapable need for ethics training in law enforcement, but also some of the kind of training in ethics that is needed if officers are to meet the daily ethical challenges of their jobs.

Break – Ocean Grand Foyer

Conference Concludes

Vendors may break down exhibits


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