North Carolina Library Staff Arrested

A library worker in Alamance County has been arrested & charged with 4 federal felonies. Marxavi Angel Martinez is a long time resident of the town, a former honor student and mother who was brought to the United States as a toddler. The State Bureau of Investigation has been investigating cases of fraud, and may have examined confidential medical records in order to find and deport those illegally in the country, like Martinez.

“Alamance County commissioners recently passed a resolution that the health department offer only emergency services to illegal immigrants. The resolution is largely symbolic: State and federal laws override it.

County Commissioner Bill Lashley, who proposed the resolution and is a member of the health board, said he hopes to drive out illegal immigrants by denying them health care. He said he wants all patients to prove legal status, a measure Hoke said would be illegal.

“If they can’t prove they’re here legal,” Lashley said, “ship ’em back to Mexico.”

The charges stem, authorities have announced, from using the Social Security number of a deceased citizen & if found guilty there will be prison time before deportation.  Since her arrest, her husband, father, mother and sibling have been deported. It is not known what the fate of her 2 year old son, who is a U.S. citizen, will be.

Via Kathleen de la Pena McCook

The New Observer Online

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