Navajo Nation Cut Off From Internet Services

The Navajo Nation is currently without any connectivity, due to the fact that the federal government owes the provider, OnSat @ 2 million dollars. Apparently the government believes that they have been double billed or duped in some way and so are withholding payment. The thing is, because this is a reservation, and because the federal government is already screwing the Navajo with their pants on, the fact that someone can’t read what Perez has to say isn’t the point. The point is that many Navajo children live too far away from the tribal schools to attend in person regularly, and many of them attend school virtually part of the time, or submit work online. The tribe is in the process of building a wireless grid, but it’s a ways off. “Our goal in this whole thing is by 2010, we want to catch up to the rest of the nation,”.

From Forbes:

Via BoingBoing 

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