Plastic, the ocean & me

I have a hate/hate relationship with plastic. I’d rather not drink out of it, eat out of it, wear it, put my groceries in it or smell it. Plastic has its place of course, I like melamine table top from the forties, I find plastic ziplock bags very useful and I like that cd cases keep them from getting scratched. I also love lp covers and brodarts. One thing however, that makes me insane, is plastic on the beach. Straws, bottle caps, plastic bags, containers and especially six pack holders. So reading this posting about a floating plastic garbage island double the size of Texas that is floating in the Pacific was both unsurprising and hair raising. In a nutshell, it has been generating in a perfect current and tide system since the fifties, weighs over three million tons and is almost 80 percent plastic. Nothing is being done about it, don”t worry. Couple this with this posting a couple months ago with pictures of a Laysan albatross and the contents of it””s stomach (1/2 pound of plastic lighters, bottle caps and other plastics).

View the pictures here.
I know it sounds unappetizing, but maybe looking at the (strangely beautiful) pictures will help spur you to fill your own personal water bottle, bring your own bag to the farmer””s market, and maybe even cut your six pack holders before you toss them. Okay, I’m stepping off my soap box now, I swear.

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