Writing & Being Funny in Burma

I still feel unsure about what exactly is going on in Myanmar & Burma as a whole, but do have some idea of the incredible censorship, government control and pressure that the citizens suffer under. This recent post via the Guardian (I encourage you to click through, the article is quite good) & Amnesty International detail the total fucking mess that passes for everyday life there. Write an anti government poem? Get nineteen years in jail. Establish the Burmese Writers’ Association, and when the government decrees you are harboring a woman who had had an abortion (an illegal activity, and please don’t get me started on that), get sentenced to 20 years in prison where you make ink out of brick powder from the walls of your jail cell, and write with a pen you fashioned out of a bamboo mat. So, consider yourself lucky, get out a bic and write a bad poem, a postcard to a friend or a sonnet on why George Bush will probably get a terrible headache from being so stupid, just because you can.

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