Lights Out San Francisco

Nate Tyler is founder of Lights Out San Francisco, and here, he explains what”s behind the project:

Our goal is to get everyone in the city to turn off their lights from 8-9 PM on Saturday October 20th, to save energy. We started just a few months ago and the momentum behind this movement is growing beyond our expectations.

Today we announced the Golden Gate Bridge will turn lights off on the main towers, Alcatraz Island, City Hall and a bunch of local businesses are also turning off (non-essential) lights that night. And, we plan to hand out more than 110 thousand free compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to help save energy and build awareness for the event. It”s amazing how the small things we do can make a huge difference. If everyone installs one CFL and turns lights out for one hour we think we”ll save more than 15 percent of an average Saturday night energy usage. Not to mention the ongoing energy savings for each efficient bulb that gets installed.

We”re not stopping in San Francisco. Stay tuned, we”re launching a national event on March 29th in 15 cities across the nation.

There is a poster for the SF event, designed by Nick Rubenstein. Link to larger size.

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