Militia-Style Gunmen Attack Arizona Immigrants, Killing Their Driver, Possibly Others

Local authorities are searching for 3 White men and 1 Latino with limited Spanish who attacked 12 undocumented immigrants, killed an Arizona man and shot 19-year-old Andres de Jesus of Oaxaca. Authorities said the man killed was driving a pickup truck containing the immigrants in a farm field when four heavily armed men wearing military-style berets, camouflage pants and shirts in a white van began firing on them. A large amount of blood in the back of the pickup indicated there may be a third victim who has not been located. Detectives said the attackers could have been vigilantes, rival smugglers or criminals trying to steal drugs, although no drugs were found in the truck, and “they didn”t take anything. It”s pretty strange.”

read more at the Arizona Republic

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