Music in the Age of Free Distribution: MP3 and Society

Here you will find an interesting (if imperfect) essay that discusses the impact of MP3 and earlier recording technologies and how they affected both society, artists and industry.

To quote the Mr Kasaras:

This essay is an attempt to present and critically discuss the phenomenon of music piracy on the World Wide Web. The main arguments in this paper will try to approach the phenomenon from two directions. The first one attempts to present the MP3 phenomenon as a part of the challenges that the music industry had to face. It is argued that in the past several technological developments have already challenged the music industry’s status quo in similar ways. The second direction, is attempting to situate the MP3 phenomenon in its general technological, economical and political framework. In other words, the MP3 phenomenon should be examined as a part of the cultural transformation that the Internet ‘explosion’ produces on a global scale.

Author: Kostas Kasaras

News Service: First Monday


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