National March to Stop Police Killings on June 2

Are you outraged by racist police violence? If you are, then you should be marching in the streets of Cincinnati on June 2.

Are you outraged by racist police violence? If you are, then you should be marching in the streets of Cincinnati on June 2.

The shooting of an unarmed teenager, Timothy Thomas, by a Cincinnati police officer on April 7 ignited the biggest rebellion in that city since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Cops arrested more than 800 people during the uprising.

Thomas was the 15th Black male killed by Cincinnati police since 1995. And he was the fourth African American in just five months shot to death by local cops.

Dozens of groups in Cincinnati are calling for a massive national March for Justice on Sat., June 2. The march focuses on three demands: Stop police killings and the abuse of police power, end the police department’s racist patterns and practices, and build social and economic justice.

The International Action Center is mobilizing its forces around the country to participate in this very significant demonstration in solidarity with Cincinnati’s Black community. Contact the IAC for information on transportation to Cincinnati.

Transportation also can be arranged through these Centers:

International Action Center
39 West 14th St., #206, NY, NY 10011


All People’s Congress
426 E. 31st St., Baltimore, MD 21218

International Action Center
PO Box 06178 Wacker Dr. Station Chicago, IL 60606-0178

Peoples Fightback Center
3030 Euclid Ave #LL1, Cleveland OH 44110

International Action Center
5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48202

National People’s Campaign
813 S. 48th St., Philadelphia, PA 19143

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Author: International Action Center

News Service: IAC Activist Announcement List


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